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A creative hub of digital arts built on blockchain technology.

Unlike other digital collectibles that try to replace traditional art market, Neptunity Labs is an innovative DIGITAL MEDIA PRODUCTION HOUSE which BRIDGES TRADITIONAL CHINESE CULTURE WITH ADVANCED BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY

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Forward-thinking, Creative And Fun

We are a strategic partner of Neptunity NFT Marketplace and Bank of Asia. Through BOA’s extensive ecosystem, we will not only bring an Asian cultural perspective on the creation of digital collectibles but also aims to explore the full potential of NFT technology with you, together.

Chinese Traditional Cultural Heritage

Neptunity Labs uses blockchain technology to protect and promote Chinese traditional cultural heritage. Through leveraging advanced blockchain technology, Neptunity Labs mints art projects into unique Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) which could not be replicated or altered, addressing issues of transparency and provenance.

Directly From Rare And Authentic Collection


We do not mass produce our digital art by algorithm, rather we take pride in handcrafting and delivering our best artworks which are creative, fresh, and modern, with Asian cultural undertones –just like our iconic RMBITS series(rmbits.io). We aim to revitalize and modernize high-end masterpieces, and such that your collectibles will be EXCLUSIVE, SPECIAL and have HIGH RETURN ON INVESTMENT.

Dominic X Ian

To celebrate the Chinese year of the Ox, Dr. Lam collaborates with Mr. Ian Wen to create the first cross-over series together featuring Dr. Lam’s Nine Court Diagram painting and Ian’s Neptunity Bulls designs to represent good luck and also alignment with the recurrent theme of Chinese philosophy, namely

Exclusive Liu Yuyi: NFTs x Authentic Paintings

The elder Qi Baishi under Liu Yuyi’s strokes is full of fun, childlike innocence, and a warming heart. The ownership includes the digital arts, authentication and the physical painting.


RMBits are inspired by the most famous Chinese characters in ancient Chinese literature and mysterious stories, including Journey to the West, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Dream of the Red Chamber and others.

Rare Chinese Bank Note Collectibles

Neptunity Labs presents the “Time Travel X Banknote NFT” to bring life to the authentic and very rare Chinese banknotes collectors. Through the beautiful animation of the banknotes, we go back in the time to appreciate the beauty of the different eras in Chinese History.

Chinese Opera Style Face-Off X AI

In collaboration with Pantheon Labs, Neptunity Labs creates NFTs of virtual models in a series called AI X Face Off, which COMBINES TRADITIONAL CHINESE OPERA ELEMENTS WITH AI DEEP LEARNING TECHNOLOGIES. One of the most prominent elements of Chinese opera is its facial makeups.

Master of tradition

Neptunity Labs presents NFTs of original famous paintings by ZHANG DAQIAN (張大千)、QI BAISHI (齊白石)、jointly with private collectors. With superior animation know-how and technology , Neptunity revitalizes traditional paintings and modernizes them through NFTs.

Maestro Musician

Neptunity Labs proudly presents NFTs of the original instrument owned and played by Andrew Tuason 杜自持先生. Andrew Tuason 杜自持先生 is a Hong Kong renowned Musical Director, record producer, songwriter, arranger and Musical conductor.

Where’s My Unicorn?

Where’s My Unicorn? is a collection of 1,000 unique Unicorn NFTs created by Neptunity Labs.

Your Where’s My Unicorn? grants access to members-only benefits, including the access to Neptunity community, an open, transparent, connected community for everyone in the Web3 world. Extra perks can be unlocked by the community through roadmap activation, including Neptunity’s partnership with Master Suyen Lim, famous fengshui master based in Malaysia. Visit neptunity.io for more details.

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