Exclusive Liu Yuyi: NFTs x Authentic Paintings

Liu Yuyi, the renowned Chinese artist whose works are the most prolific throughout the high government buildings in Beijing, spent a lifetime navigating the complexity of art in China. He is proficient in oils, watercolors, sketching and traditional Chinese art styles. In 1997, his oil painting “Day” (The Hong Kong handover) was sold in Hong Kong for HKD$23,000,000, setting the record for contemporary Chinese paintings. Liu Yuyi is also famous for celebrity portraits like Qi Baishi. Ding Ling, a famous author from 20th century commented that Liu’s oil portraits of the celebrities were like a documentary of historical significance, a legacy to future generations for a peep into the spiritual worlds of these big names. Recently, Neptunity Labs has acquired the exclusive rights to present Liu’s Qi Baishi Series via NFTs, along with the mandate to sell the authentic physical paintings. The elder Qi Baishi under Liu Yuyi’s strokes is full of fun, childlike innocence, and a warming heart. Neptunity mints the high-resolution digital copy as well as the authentication and provenance data of each original masterpiece onto blockchain to ensure the value for the collectors. The collectors also have the intellectual property rights to use and promote the NFT or re-use the digital copy in personal setting.