Face off X AI

In collaboration with Pantheon Labs, Neptunity Labs creates NFTs of virtual models in a series called AI X Face Off, which COMBINES TRADITIONAL CHINESE OPERA ELEMENTS WITH AI DEEP LEARNING TECHNOLOGIES. One of the most prominent elements of Chinese opera is its facial makeups. Each character has its own unique symbolic and exaggerated design of dramatic facial makeup and overtime it becomes a set stereotype to help audiences differentiate its characteristics, personality, identity and status. It also involves facial expressions like Joy(喜), anger(怒), sadness(哀), happiness (樂), and more. Face off X AI Series reflect traditional Chinese opera culture through NFTs which allow rooms for imagination. Face off X AI offer collectors a chance to meet their ideal models with the facial expressions they choose. In the future, Neptunity will bring more virtual models for collectors and investors, allowing them to interact with their virtual friends, or even to design their own avatars from scratch in the metaverse using AI technologies. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!