Master of tradition

Neptunity Labs presents NFTs of original famous paintings by ZHANG DAQIAN (張大千)、QI BAISHI (齊白石)、 jointly with private collectors. With superior animation know-how and technology , Neptunity revitalizes traditional paintings and modernizes them through NFTs. We bring paintings to life and give users an aesthetic experience.
Neptunity Labs uses blockchain technology to promote Chinese traditional cultural heritage. Not only do we bring more awareness to the protection of Chinese traditional arts, but we also leverage on NFTs as a modern and effective means to bridge cultural heritage with different generations, especially the digital-native generation.
The traditional art paintings have always revolved around masters selling their work to galleries, museums or just individual collectors. They were often kept in vaults and not displayed to the public ever. Via this NFT project, WE INJECT MORE VITALITY AND VALUE INTO TRADITIONAL PAINTINGS WITH OUR ANIMATION RECREATIONS. And each collector will be provided with A HIGH-RESOLUTION DIGITAL FORM OR ANIMATION, AND IN SOME CASES, THE ORIGINAL PHYSICAL PAINTING TOO. Through NFT technology and collaboration with our strategic partners, , we are exploring solutions to mint the authentication and provenance data of each masterpiece onto blockchain to create further value for our investors.